Organizations and Factions

Organizations and Factions

The Admiralty

Composed of the ship captains, navigators, and other officers responsible for negotiating the passage from Tir Eile to Eileann Mair, this informal faction’s strength rests on proven reputation as leaders. The faction emerged as a political unit centred on Admiral Ainye Seoladair immediately after landfall when the Noble Faction and the Elven Court demanded that all of the ships of the fleet be immediately decommissioned to serve as building material for the new towns. Admiral Seoladair and her supporters, many of them Eladrin, protested that the ships were essential to the continued exploration of Eileann Mair, the fishing industry and inter-community travel, trade and communication. As a result of their protest, sufficient ships were saved to equip the Eladrin who chose to settle in the islands of Camas Dan to fulfill these functions.

The Admiralty questions the traditional rights of the cultural elites to rule. According to its adherents and supporters, the Fall of Ach Samrath was a consequence of the misrule of the nobility. In contrast, the commodores and ship captains of the fleet accomplished a near legendary exodus. If the nobles and royals expect the Admiralty to simply step aside simply because they have made landfall and most of the fleet has been converted to houses, they are mistaken. Although Admiral Seoladair is a staunch royalist, many within her faction would prefer her to be the sole leader of the nation-in-exile.

The Diaconate

The Elven Court

The Fireseer Heretics

The Noble Faction

The Raed

The Refugee Races

The Royal Faction

The Samrathair Clergy

Organizations and Factions

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