The land of Tir Eile has fallen under the yoke of the God-Emperor Ard-Righ. Those who willingly bent their knee are now enslaved; those who fought against his armies are now dead.

In the Land of Ach Samrath, in the months before the final defeat, those who were desperate enough departed from their homes and assembled in a tremendous fleet of ships and set sail for the legendary lands across the sea.

After months of hardship, starvation, plague and storms, against all hope the Exiles made landfall in a mysterious land they called Eileann Mair, the Lonely Isle.

Now the Exiles must strive to rebuild their lives. Humans hew their cities and fields from virgin forest, Elves retreat into the twilight on the brink of the wild, Dwarves excavate a tomb for themselves beneath the earth where no one will see, and Eladrin ply the ocean, unwilling to leave the ships that bore them. Wherever they have gone, all of the Exiles have learned one thing; they are the only living creatures on all of Eileann Mair.

Soon, a storm, stronger than anything anyone has witnessed before envelops the settlements as though to sweep them back into the sea. A peasant girl flees the attentions of a powerful Duke, a Queen will preach virtue to a God, and a slave will lead four heroes on a quest that will lead them toward the last echoes of the once-beating heart of Eileann Mair.

The Lonely Isle